Color Obstacle Rush / Wien 2016

I had the amazing opportunity for a quick and interesting trip abroad, when I was asked to shoot an event in my usual documentary style. Color Obstacle Rush Germany organized a “funrun” event next to a spectacular racetrack. The event was basically running through obstacles and color powder being thrown on runners. During the day we also saw a warm up session with beautiful twins in addition to the DJ and MC. Every now and then copious amounts of color powder was thrown in the air to get the crowd really wild. The first question that popped into my mind was how to protect my expensive equipment against the fine color powder that finds its way to every crevice imaginable. A friend of mine saved the day by letting me use his Ikelite underwater camera housing. With the housing I was able to be in the center of it all without risking any damage to my equipment. Because I had no housing for my main camera - a Canon 1Dx - I shot the whole event with a 5D mkIII and a 35mm prime lens. Using aperture priority mode, I set the aperture at f/2.5 and let the camera calculate the right shutter speed. This was because the housing makes changing settings pretty awkward. The return trip was quite colorful from all the color powder so I looked very flamboyant on the airplane back to Finland. The event organizing a tour also in Finland, starting in two weeks in Helsinki! I highly recommend checking it out. Here are some photos captured yesterday: